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highshine  td process technology

highshine metal technology co.

l  established in 2004 at shenzhen

l  over 100 employees in 2010  

l  metal surface process and heat treatment: td process, ion nitriding, vacuum heat treatment, induction heating,arc ion plating

l  licensed td technology from tocalo in 2004

l  licensed arc ion plating technology from kobelco in 2015



tocalo co. of japan

l  formed in 1951, stock listed at tokyo stock exchange

l  9 processing plants and 6 business offices in japanese territory

l  surface treatment specialist:

thermal spray, td process, pvd

l  licensed td from toyota central research and development laboratories (crdl) in 1975

l  td customer: honda and nissan in japan


high shine’s licensed td program

l     license contract signed in 2004 for td process technology transfer and long-term cooperation

l     personnel training program at tocalo

l     guided-trial and production program at high shine’s plant

l     production line set-up and started operation since 2005

l     td customers in china: honda, nissan and toyota’ tool and stamping enterprises and chinese local brand car makers


industrial advantages of applying td process

l     improvement of tool life, cost reduction

l     reduce maintenance and repair

l     improvement of products quality

l     less lubricant, improve work environment

l     cost-effective by re-treatment of 3 – 5 times

td office:   

heat line: 0755-29623781

e-mail:[email protected]